Lignite is a form of Fuel found in Countries like Germany, Russia, the United States, India, Australia and many European countries. Lignite is a kind of coal which is very poor and is considered to be the lowest ranked coal. Lignite is Brown in color and hence is also know as Brown Coal.
Main usage of Lignite is for Thermal Power Plants Consumption to generate Electricity. Lignite is hard to transport and storage because it has a high moisture content and is spontaneously combustible. That is the reason why we have Thermal Power Plants built near Lignite Mines.

Lignite-generated electricity is abundant, low-cost, reliable and environmentally compatible.

  • Lignite is abundant and accessible.
  • Lignite-generated electricity is reliable.
  • Lignite-generated electricity is environmentally compatible.
  • Lignite-generated electricity is low-cost.
  • Lignite is used in an environmentally-responsible manner by power plants.

Lignite in India is available in various states like Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan etc.

Lignite gives a GCV of about 3500 KCal and burns with white fume.

Lignite In Gujarat

Lignite in Gujarat is available through a State Owned Company Called GMDC. GMDC has 5 mines which Provide fuel to the rapidly developing Chemical, Textile and Brick Industries of Gujarat. These Mines are located in

  1. Rajpardi
  2. Tadkeshwar
  3. Mata Ka Madh
  4. Bhavnagar
  5. Umarsar

Now you can order Rajpardi Lignite, Tadkeshwar Lignite, Mata-No-Madh Lignite,Bhavnagar Lignite,Umarsar Lignite from us. We can supply Lignite from these mines directly to your site location. Lignite is preferred because  its a Low cost, readily available, and essay to procure fuel.

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