US Coal

US Coal is Non Coking imported coal imported from the mines of US, United States Of America. One of the unique quality of US Coal is that it is of very high GCV. The heat content of High GCV US Coal starts from 6200 NAR to 6900 NAR.

US Coal of High GCV High NAR
US Coal of High GCV High NAR

These high performance coal is readily available at Kandla port and TUNA port in Gujarat.

Product Details:

Moisture (%)6.25
Fixed Carbon (%)50
Sulphur Content (%)2.5

US Coal is Imported from USA in bulk and is supplied all over India from ports like Kandla, Haldia, Paradip, Vizag, Tuna, Moondra etc.

Types of US Coal :

US Coal is sold according to their NAR which is Net GCV As Received Basis.

Right now the US Coal which is readily available and imported in bulk plus is really successful across the industries are of Following Nar

6100 Nar

6200 Nar

6400 Nar

6700 Nar

6900 Nar

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